Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Migrated to Tumblr.

Like a lot of people I made the decision to move my blog to tumblr. It's just more convenient and something that I personally browse on a daily basis.

Thanks for the support here. If interested you can check updates here http://toddmccullough.tumblr.com/


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Now Pay What You Want for Who Needs the Moon

Pay what you want for the complete series as its released
PDF version -> https://gum.co/KoYM
CBZ version -> https://gum.co/RYpi

Since releasing the digital comic version of Who Needs the Moon, I have been racking my brain to come to a good comprise on price point. I want to give readers a good value, but I want to try and eek out a living doing it.

I don't know what kind of disposable income people have, but they apparently don't want to dump much of it on indie digital comics. I'm assuming this, because the books don't appear to be selling well on ComiXology or DriveThruComics. Where I naively always imagined they would generate at least a few hundred bucks a month anyways.

Fortunately for all involved, Gumroad allows sellers to give their customers the option to pay what they want.

At first I was hesitant to use the option, because I just figured that nobody would pay for the comics, and then I'd have some major explaining to do to my wife. But after trying out some gift codes, that allowed readers to pick up the comic for free and then pay something if they deemed it worthy, I discovered that people actually would pay something for it.

I still can't make a living off creating comics, but with Pay What You Want, the books actually get into the hands of more readers and I get a little something back for it.

P.S. A big thank you to the buyers that paid a greater amount than the average. I hope someday to make it up to you!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All issues as they are made for $1+ US

I've changed the way you can get my comic from me.

For now you can buy the Whole Series of Who Needs the Moon (getting updates with new releases) as I finish each issue.

Go here to get issues 1 and 2 for $1US https://gum.co/KoYM