Sunday, September 9, 2012

Instagram Helps Me Create

It can get very tiring working on Who Needs the Moon in the dark, dingy and unfinished basement in my house.  Well, maybe I shouldn't complain, plenty of people would probably love to have even that.

Anyways, to get my mind off the book and to procrastinate, I have been taking photos often when I am out and about with my Nexus S phone and posting a lot of them to my instagram profile.  Instagram clicked with me.  I am wishing there were either more apps like this, or more sites like this that allow users to just view images and like them.  Specifically I'd love to see something for cartooning and illustration.

I think it helps me take better photos and gets me thinking about composition and colour in unique ways. Also some places help inspire the stories inside my crazy brain, including Who Needs the Moon and my werewolf friend.

Soon, I am planning like to scout out abandoned towns and dark forests, and look for images that I can use as reference for backgrounds in the comic.

It's helped me come to the realization that I have a real thing for #skyporn and #fogporn. Alas, not much fog ever in my neck of the woods.

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BTW - instagram really should implement a webspace to view this stuff.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Got Ahead of Myself

Looks like I am not going to have the first 25 pages finished as quickly as I expected to.  Things should change in the next week or two though.

1) My son starts junior kindergarten next week - so that frees up daytime hours on Thursday and Friday.

2) Maybe my daughter will start going to daycare during that time on those same days - thereby freeing up more daytime hours.

3) The above should make me less off a sleep starved and sleep obsessed person who actually does something with his time in the evenings when his kids are staying with him instead of falling immobile onto a couch.

4) I am getting a better sense of the visual direction of the book - and it has made me come up with some interesting ideas for the story having these times when I can't but can work on the book.

Basically, half my time is split taking care of my two toddlers, which is the most exhausting/rewarding/stressful/empowering/difficult/wonderful thing I have ever done!

Anyways, 6 pages are 95% complete.  Just trying to decide if I should post those for now.