Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Volume 2 Sets Sail

EDIT: I guess technically this should be called Issue 2.

I'm sure that I am no different from the majority of people when I sit and stare at the blank page. It intimidates me and all I want to do is something that doesn't force me to think. When I got the notification that Comixology had accepted my first book, I was both thrilled and terrified.

You see, regardless of whether my books generate any kind of income for me and my family, I owe it to myself, Comixology and any readers that do become interested in WNTM to finish it. 

That's scary. 

This is probably going to be one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced.

And so when I've looked at the blank pages for the past week, I have been filled with quite a bit of trepidation. Even though I knew that the sooner I got started on this, the sooner I could release on a schedule that I was happy with. But it turned me to stone when I looked at it.

Reddit, you have been a bad distraction!

But I broke free from my catatonic state and got things rolling this week and thumbnailed all the pages yesterday and today. Then I photographed them with my iPad and brought the work into Procreate where I will be improving the layout and sketches.

Here we go!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Werewolf Bust Doodle

Inspired by Roberto Roch I decided to do some sculpt doodles to get me warmed up in the mornings. It's procrastination maybe, but it is still on related characters for my comic.

This should help me draw the werewolf better when I get to that point in the story.

Blender internal render and vertex painted dynamic topology sculpt in blender.

I did this fairly quickly, and actually as an after thought did threw some fur on it. I am surprised with the result from just throwing particle settings together.

Blender just gets better and better.

Now I am thinking I'd like to start from scratch and make a good base with a body that I could rig and animate later.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Red God Rises

I've been toying with an epic fantasy story (among others) in the back of my mind for years now.

Every once in awhile, I'll get some inspiration to create something for it. Maybe add to the history of one character, redesign another or create an entirely new one.

This is one of the new ones.

He came about while I grabbed an old image I had done using DeviantART's Muro. It was a pretty lame sketch, and I think it was the only quick thing I did with the app.

But on a whim, I grabbed it because I was forcing myself to think outside the box and work on something that pushed me to do something different.

The resulting sketch was pretty cool.

Then I reformatted my machine and installed on the wrong hard drive and lost it along with some other pretty cool images.


Anyways, this guy and some other characters I had come up with, fortunately wouldn't die so easily.

And so once again I took a stab at him.

He is menacing and quite villainous looking. But he is actually a good guy.

A bit of MyPaint, Gimp and Krita too. I am really starting to like da Krita!