Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 - This Time I'm Going To Do It My Way

That was a bit of a lengthy holiday I just had. It's now a new year and I am very hungry to get back at this art thing, and especially Who Needs the Moon.

For quite some time now I have been working pretty exclusively with MyPaint. However, I have been looking at the work of others and wondering how to achieve some of the things that they have done.  There are limitations to what the MyPaint brushes can do at this point.

MyPaint is amazing, but it does lack a lot of the functionality of Photoshop.  But then I did recall that I was using the Gimp for image based brushes before I moved on to MyPaint.  So I started fooling again with the Gimp's painting features, which by the way, would be a hell of a lot better if the application recognized my Monoprice tablet.

I was thinking of book cover concepts and came up with this.

And here are the results, after brainstorming the forested world of Duskland. Where some day my character Lampy will adventure in.

I hope you like it.  Happy New Year.