Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharing my Comic Template

Hi there. I have something that may be of use to some of you out there.

Here is the TEMPLATE.

Tonight I have started working on the layout of the first 25 pages of my book Who Needs the Moon.
Once it's ready I will be putting it online here for you to read in the new page that I will be opening up soon on this blog.

To create the book, I will be using Inkscape to do all the borders, speech balloons and text for the comic.  I think I have found a document size that works well for printing, and which can be shrunk down in order to be placed on the internet.

If you want a comic template to use, you can use this one until your hearts content and not have to worry about paying a fee to me or giving me credit.

I hope it saves you some time.

As I work on the book more, I'll add things as I need them and will update the file and link.

NOTE: The values of the template were sort of arbitrarily chosen. It is sort of a mix of industry sizes. I mainly measured out sizes from different graphic novels that I liked and then chose one for myself. This is not a template that conforms to marvel/DC or Manga standards.
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