Monday, August 19, 2013

4th Who Needs the Moon Review!

Woke up this mornin'
(insert blues guitar riff)
Turned my tablet on
(more guitar)

And that song is going no where...

Anyways, I woke up this morning, and surprise! posted a great review of the first issue.

The last 12 days since the release of the comic has been a strange experience.

On the 7th, when it was released on ComiXology, I was strangely muted and spent a few days afterward like that.

My book was released along side some other titles in the Submit section that have been garnering attention. Or were starting out with a lot of buzz based on who the creative team were.

It made me feel that mine was being overshadowed. But at the same time, I felt that it was a good group to be a part of, because it probably gave my title better initial exposure.

As it currently stands, I have absolutely no way of knowing how it is selling. ComiXology doesn't provide any tools for the indie guys to see what a typical sales day looks like. Which makes sense considering, the majority of publishers on there, print is still their big money maker and digital sales are just something they dabble in.

But for the little guys like myself, while daily or even weekly sales reports would do little to help us out, they would provide either a morale boost or a shot in the arm to start figuring out new ways to market the title.

Drivethrucomics offers sales reports, but these just serve as a sovering reminder that I need to get the word out better.

"... it’s the sophistication of the narrative, its emphasis on characterisation, that makes it so grown-up."

So, it's always nice to read a review. It is especially nice to read a glowing one. Today posted such a review and its got me smiling from ear to ear. Maybe Who Needs the Moon isn't selling like hot cakes. But at the very least, there are people out there, who really like it.

Thanks to the guys over at!
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