Thursday, August 8, 2013

B- Ain't That Bad

Another review of Who Needs the Moon is in. 

Available at ComiXology here

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Take a look at the review here or you can follow the link to read it on the site.

Who Needs the Moon has a lot going for it but takes some missteps along the way.  On a few occasions, especially towards the beginning, some of the characters aren’t quite distinctive enough to be completely recognizable.  At a few other moments, the facial expressions don’t match the tone of the conversation.  But these are minor instances that don’t happen very often.  The one other complaint is that at one point it shows a person peeing -- as in fully shows it.  A little less blatant depiction of the action could have conveyed the same info without crossing that “for adults” rating line.  These are minor complaints, though.  The story is very interesting and is an interesting spin on the supernatural as well as leaving a lot of room for expansion and explanation for story threads.  Don’t let my nitpicks dissuade you, this is still a good comic.

It was pretty trivial for me to have thrown the wolf's cock out there for all to see. I did debate it somewhat, but in the end, I felt you needed to know exactly what he was doing.

Besides, the next issues are going to get a lot more graphic than that. So I also figured I'd better make sure that the first one was rated 17+ too.

Though I'm sure the kids are ignoring that. Or they are deliberately looking for it. ;)
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